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I spent most of my childhood with my grandmothers, Didi and Julia. Strong, firm and also very loving women. I refer to them as "Warriors of Love". They took care of the house, their parents, husbands, children and grandchildren with an impressive dedication.


They also both sewed beautifully. They designed and created suits for everyone, including making their own wedding dresses. I have no doubt that my interest in fashion, my artistic aptitude, and my talent and passion for creating were inherited from them, along with their sewing machines that were left to me (as well as my great grandmother Alda's machine). They encouraged me and participated actively in the physical creation of each design, each pattern, each piece, each of my collections, with the exception of MINIMAL.

They're gone now, they've passed on; Didi in 2019 and Julia in 2020. And suddenly I faced this challenge: to create my first collection alone, on my own, without the advice and guidance of my masters. I felt scared and wanted to give up. It was then that I realized they are forever part of me, in every cell of my body and inside my heart. That I will never be without them. I connected with this strength, accessed this talent, this passion, took in the best that my grandmothers had left me and honored this lineage of Love Warriors.



This is how MINIMAL was born; a collection dedicated to ancestry. To the Indigenous, African and European blood that runs in my veins, to my Tupiniquim mixed Brazilianness. MINIMAL SS22 is a journey to Amazonian tribal origins, revisited in a clean and minimalist way. Join me on this journey back to my roots! 




Ayurveda is a medical philosophy developed in India about 5,000 years ago (some sources cite about 7,000 years ago, in the region between India and Pakistan).

"The word Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and has two parts: Veda (knowledge, science or wisdom) and Ayus (life).

In this context, Ayurveda is the knowledge, science or wisdom that proposes a healthy life in harmony with the laws of nature, in order to achieve happiness and well-being.

Ayurveda believes that everything in the universe is composed of the 5 Elements, including our physical body, they are: Space or Ether (Akasha), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jala or Ap) and Earth (Prithvi).

These 5 Elements are expressed in our physiology through 3 Doshas: VATA (Ether and Air), PITTA (Fire and Water) and KAPHA (Water and Earth)." (Source:

This ancient philosophy was the inspiration for TUA's new collection DOSHAS SS21 with vibrant colors and patterns developed in partnership with the visual artist Thiago Tropia, exclusively for this collection.

Abstract and intense images that represent:


VATA (Ether and Air): a breath, a wind on a winter morning


PITTA (Fire and Water): volcanic lava meeting the bubbling waters of a lake


KAPHA (Water and Earth): the encounter and mix of ocean waters with the wet heavy sand of the seashore

TUAessence is based on respect and communion with nature. All of our collections revere the power and generosity of the planet that welcomes and offers us life, day after day, year after year, for millennia.


I hope this collection awakens in you an appreciation for Mother Nature, for life, for health and self-care, for the balance between all the elements that make up everything and everyone, as well as the respect for all beings that cohabit, on Planet Earth.


Flowers and illustrations have always been two great passions of mine. From the first memories I have of when I started to hold a pencil, I drew. It didn't take long for me to start drawing dolls and, at the age of 4, when I was asked about the profession I wanted to pursue when I grew up, I already answered that I would design clothes.


I was a child enchanted by everything that referred to the “girly” universe, according to the social and cultural construction in which I grew up. I loved ballet, pink, dolls, fairies, princesses, butterflies and flowers.


As time passed by and I got more mature, I was able to better understand the feminine universe. Deconstructing a lot of things and reconstructing so many others. Resignifying various concepts and reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine. I was able to understand the power that lies in all that is vulnerable, delicate and, in this quest, I also got more familiar with Eastern medicine, phytotherapy, flower remedies and the healing power of the vegetable kingdom that lives exactly in between the lines, in the unspoken, in the subtle.


From these two passions the inspiration for the BOTANICA collection emerged.


I am a big fan of the collaborative economy and the motto “together we are stronger”. And I believe there is no better context to talk about strength, union, delicate, healing and feminine than in sorority.


Therefore, I invited my beloved soul sister and amazing illustrator and watercolorist Lu Simão to create the prints of this collection with me, from two flowers that have therapeutic and healing properties: Lavender and Chamomile.

The choice of the color palette also followed the same concept. Delicate and organic tones, present in these two flowers.


Like this, with all this affection, BOTANICA SS20 came to life. An invitation to all women to get in touch with the femininity and healing power that exists in each and every single one of us.



I've always been a nature and animal lover. As a child, I took care of 12 birds that lived freely with me, outside the cage, on a 6th floor building apartment. My grandmother always had birds at home and she taught me to love and care for them.


In 2014, on a trip to a fishing village of 2,000 inhabitants in Costa Rica, I fell in love with the deserted beaches and lush nature of that paradise and decided to move there.


In urban centers, we lose connection with Nature's rhythms. But in a place like this, Her cycles become sovereign and everyone lives according to the tides, the moon, the dry and rainy seasons, the currents, sunrise and sunset.

There, I took a training course in rescue and first aid for mammals and birds and became a volunteer at the wild animal rehabilitation center Wild Sun Rescue Center.


My connection with birds only strengthened with this experience and, from there, as a way to express my admiration and love for them and for Costa Rica, I created the BIRDS OF PARADISE collection.


I developed 3 prints. Each one of them from the repetition of pictures of parts of Latin American birds plumage:


- Cocar print: tail of the Ara Ambigus or Large Military Macaw. Native species of Central and South America with green body and tail in blue, orange and red tones.


- Plumagem print: tail of the Violet-tailed sylph. Species of hummingbird found in Colombia and Ecuador. Its tail is sparkling blue and violet.


- Arara print: wing of the "Ararapiranga" (red macaw in Tupi). It is a bird native to the forests of Brazil and Costa Rica, among other countries. Its tail has shades of blue, green and red.

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